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    Tomcat, struts and postgres.

    adssdf sadffdsa Newbie

      I need some help with jbpm. I need some examples or more documentation because I don't understand so well. I want to make a call from a struts action to a jbpm process definition. This process has some swimlanes and roles defined. I've read the webapp code and webapp test examples, but they are very confusing.

      I've an struts application within tomcat and postgres sql. My application works with documents. A document has got differents states (created, published, etc). There are some roles. Each role can change a particular state (editors publish documents, redactors write them, etc).

      How can I do that? Is there any example?

      I'm trying to put jbpm into tomcat using postgres to run the webapp example, but it doesn't work. Can anybody tell me how to do that? Thanks

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          Ronald van Kuijk Master

          I can (partly) understand your question. This is however not answered in a short statement and therefor out of our scope (jbpm developers). I hope someone else has an example for you.

          I do think however that the documentation, webapp example, the api, test cases etc... are a good startingpoint for what you need. e.g. the call from a struts actioh is not to different from a call in a jsf bean.

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            adssdf sadffdsa Newbie

            First of all, sorry for my bad English. I try to accomplish my struts action with the webapp and jsf calls, but nothing happens (except an exception).

            I don't know where is the problem. Perhaps database is not well initialized, perhaps jbpm and tomcat configuration is the problem, maybe I'm using the API badly.

            I read the example, but is so confusing for me.

            What can I do, then?


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              Ronald van Kuijk Master

              With 'partly' I did not mean that your question was unclear (sorry for *my* bad english ;-)) I meant that I could understand the origin of your question partly since I do not agree that there is to little documentation/examples/.... at least not to a certain extend. It should get you started and if you run into e.g. transaction issues then I agree that there is not enough documentation (yet).

              If you get an exception, why not post it and post the example code. Then we can have a look. The way you ask the question now, my only answer can be 'no idea, post additional info'

              You said you read 'the' example. What example do you mean? The websale process? the webapp? combining strusts (actions) etc. IN the webapp will be difficult. In many situations it is better to develop your own webapp and just use the jbpm webapp for RAD or monitoring