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    task in a start-state is not considered for execution

    janapoornavel Newbie

      the documentation for the jbpm3.0 says

      "A task-node can have many tasks and a start-state can have 1 task",
      but if try modeling a processdefinition with a task in start-state ,it is considered as part of start-completion during runtime,i have attached the start state definition below,

      start-state name="start"
      task swimlane="OrderingParty" name="create-new-po" >

      transition name="trn-create-PurchaseOrder" to="create-PurchaseOrder"
      end of start-state


      PS:-it would be of great help if moderator does something about helping us to paste the xml straightaway in the page,it'd be frustrating for people trying to help if they cant see angle brackets in right places