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    starting up on the good foot.

    George Ilias Newbie

      Dear All,
      Im trying to start using jbpm but there are some basic points that i havent understood yet by just reading the userguide.These may sound naive but please consider that i m totally unfamiliar with this project.

      So, after composing a process archive and testing it in eclipse, it is possible to deploy it in jboss by rightclicking and choosing deploy process archive ( i suppose this does the same as the ant -f build.deploy.xml deployservice.archive).
      And the question is : Are the jsp files generated automatically? The websale example does not contain any servlet code nor web.xml etc aka the standard files for war deployment.
      In that case, and after deploying a process successfully , browsing at http://localhost:8080/jbpm should contain jsps generated from my processdefinition.xml. But this isnt happening.
      Have i lost it ?

      Please help, i d really appreciate it .
      Thank you.

      PS: I read the threads daily and i see a lot of people have trouble starting up. It would really be a good idead to publish a trailblaizer or sth on this when you can.

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          Koen Aers Master

          Look at the webapp in the jbpm source code. There are the different jsp's.
          As for the trailblazer, this is definitely on the roadmap. In the meantime, if you manage to startup, and feel like contributing your experience in the form of a tutorial or a trailblazer, we'll gladly accept your contribution!