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    Using our own tables instead of jBPM tables

    sriramkanala Newbie


      I am trying to use jBPM for an application that I'm working on.

      I worked on jBPM examples, and by using jBPM designer I developed a sample workflow. I noticed that many tables are being used by jBPM for persistance.

      Is it possible to use our own tables instead of jBPM tables? For ex., jBPM uses JBPM_ID_USER table to store users. I would like to use MY_USERS table with different structure. Similarly for user roles, for storing task information etc. Is this possible? If yes, how can achieve this?

      Any guidance in this regard would be helpful.


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          brittm Novice

          You can customize the JBPM core any way you'd like--classes, tables, hibernate mapping files, whatever; in JPBM 2, I added a "notes" table with mapping and modified another class/table/mapping to add a "state" reference. However, doing so will likely break compatibility with future versions and will seriously limit your ability to get help on forums like this one if your changes are extensive. Personally, I believe you would be better off learning/using the core of JBPM as is (for the most part) and then adding your own customizations on top of that core.

          When thinking about the core of JBPM, I prefer to think "add too" rather than "modify".