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    Baisc JBPM questions.

    Sudhakar Tadepalli Newbie

      I am looking into websales process definition and its test class.
      I am new to JBPM and would like clarify some questions.

      I am looking at wesales processdefinition.xml and its test class.

      <start-state name="create new web sale order">


      In the test class

      TaskInstance taskInstance = processInstance.getTaskMgmtInstance().createStartTaskInstance();
      assertEquals("create new web sale order", taskInstance.getName());

      We are cheking for start stae name. But here we are using TaskInstance object. I think we can also check the same thing using

      ProcessInstance processInstance =
      new ProcessInstance(processDefinition);
      Token token = processInstance.getRootToken();
      assertSame(processDefinition.getStartState(), token.getNode());

      Like we did in Heloo Worl test right ?.

      How will we know what object we have to use by looking at process file?.

      What is ?
      What is ?

      I really appreciate if some could explaine or provide some useful documentation links. I was reading Userguide but i want basic documentation about process definitions i guess :). Thanks for your patience