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    Problem with custom controller in GPD + various questions

    Olivier Kloss Newbie

      So I just updgraded to the gpd 3.0.2. Nice look. : )
      I have a problem though, when configuring a custom controller with the ui, using the Bean configuration type, the ui says that my class has no setters. But, judge for yourself:

      public class CustomTaskControllerHandler implements TaskControllerHandler {
       public void setNames(String names) {
       public void setSizes(String types) {

      (Nevermind the fact that I'm using a String for multiple values for now ; ), thanks)
      Is it a known bug? Or am I doing something wrong? Field type works ok.

      This brings me to another question. Suppose I wanted to use Maps or Lists instead of Strings or ints, etc. How would I go about writing my values using the ui of the GPD. I'm talking about the same panel refered above. The ui only provides a textfield, so I've tried using a coma separated list of values (ex:a,b,c) with no success.
      I know it's alluded to in the documentation if you want to do it through the source xml but there is no explicit example given and I'm having a hard time finding through experimentation what seems to be the obvious. I've searched high and low but I couldn't find it. Granted I'm not very smart sometimes. ; )

      Finally, I have a suggestion to submit for your great project. It would be nice to be able to label transitions in the diagram. For example if I have a decision with two obvious transitions:yes and no, it would be nice to be able to label those transitions as in the crude graph below:

      Is there an appropriate thread to submit suggestions?