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    Assignment to Group

    Ashwini Kumar Newbie

      If the swimlane expression points to a group, how is this assigned?

      Is the JBPM_SWIMLANEINSTANCE supposed to have multiple entries for the same task related to each user in the group?

      Currently, when I assign a group to a swimlane and when the task reaches that swimplane, I see a blank entry in the Actorid_ field of the jbm_swimlaneinstance table.

      I would greatly appreciate any samples involving swimlane assignment to a group.


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          kaobiore Newbie


          Looks like that I have the same problem ...

          My swimlane looks like this:

          <swimlane name="ordermgm">
           <assignment expression="group(ordermgm)" />

          And my identity.db.xml ...
           <user name="omagent1" email="omagent1@mail.com" password="omagent1" />
           <user name="omagent2" email="omagent2@mail.com" password="omagent2" />
           <group name="ordermgm" />
           <membership user="omagent1" group="ordermgm" />
           <membership user="omagent2" group="ordermgm" />

          All "taks" are assigned to 'null' and not to an user out of the the group.

          If I replace the swimlane in the processdefinition with:

          <swimlane name="ordermgm">
           <assignment expression="user(omagent1)" />
           <assignment expression="user(omagent2)" />

          ... tasks will be assigned to an user!

          I'm a bit confused ... do I have to write my own AssignmentHandler for this?


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            Ashwini Kumar Newbie


            I solved this problem. Your scenario should work since you are dealing with users and groups within JBPM. Basically, the all the users in the group will figure in the JBP_ACTORPOOL table. Tasks will be assigned to a pool of actors (group) and any one of the actors in the pool can pick up the task and complete it.

            You will only need to extend the AssignmentHandler if you are using another database repository such as LDAP to store users and groups.

            Good Luck!!

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              Gerhard Wittwer Newbie


              Do you have a sample how to extend the AssignmentHandler for Groups??

              Thank you