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    Hibernate ClassicQueryTranslatorFactory

    Preston Newbie

      Because of a known isse with Weblogic - http://www.hibernate.org/250.html#A25 - we are forced into using the ClassicQueryTranslatorFactory.

      My question is: If I modify the JBPM code to work using the ClassicQueryTranslatorFactory ("delete from...." isn't valid under the CQTF), what is my obligation under the licensing ?

      Just want to stay within the intent of the license.

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          Ronald van Kuijk Master

          Does this impact lots of places in jBPM? If so, you could write a patch and some code that e.g. reads a property like 'jbpm.weblogic_cqtf' fromthe properties file and uses the correct factory and right queries. If you submit the patch, there is imho (and ianal) no problem. Besides that, you help others also.

          Just to be sure, I'll ask Tom about this.