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    creating a sub process

    Frank Verbruggen Newbie

      Hi all,

      I've got a process-state that defines a sub process:

      ** Begin Listing **
      <process-state name="UF57">
      <sub-process name="UF57"></sub-process>

      ** End Listing **

      now I have deployed the process UF57 successfully, as I can find it using findAllProcessDefinitions.
      However I get the following error whilerunning my superProcess:

      ** Begin Listing **
      java.lang.NullPointerException: can't create a process instance when processDefinition is null
      ** End Listing **

      What must I do?

      Frank Verbruggen

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          Frank Verbruggen Newbie

          I've further narrowed the problem down.
          I think it is because "read" is called at deployment time,
          at which time the subprocessname variable (transient) is set.
          Then it is not persisted, since it is transient.
          At runtime the node asks for the processdefinition based on subprocessname.
          If subprocessname is null at that time,so is processdefinition.
          This causes the reported exception.
          How must this be fixed?

          Frank Verbruggen