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    New User: Need Urgent Info on Concurrent tasks execution in

    Aparna Krishna Newbie

      The JBPM wiki FAQ on fork mentions that long running tasks can be executed concurrently. In the following example
      "updating erp asynchronously" takes 1 hour
      "treating collegues on cake and pie" takes 1.5 hour

      assuming the fork is reached at 1:00 PM and transition to two states take place, then by 2:30 PM both steps should have finished and reached join->done

      Is the above statement true? Other Workflow Software that i have tried so far are doing the actions serially (in the above example it would take 2.5 hr to reach done). If someone can answer this question, it would help me a lot in deciding the WorkFlow to choose. Concurrent/Parallel execution is an important feature for me to make a decision.



      Thanks a lot.