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    JBPM with portlets

    pedro costa Apprentice

      I have a workflow that executes correctly. Now i want to put that workflow in portlets.
      How do i do that? I can't understand how can i deploy a jbpm workflow with portlets. Can anybody explain me, and tell me if it's the workflow that call portlets files, or is the opposite.?

      I can't find any example that impements portlets with workflows, has anybody knows some example?


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          Ronald van Kuijk Master

          you 'just' need to make the tasklist etc portal compliant. Using workflow with portlets is not to different from using webmail or any other functionality in a portal.

          It's just that nobody did it before. if you start working on this, we are very intersted

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            Ashwini Kumar Newbie

            We have been using jBPM quite extensively in a Websphere Portal environment. The two technologies are quite orthogonal apart from the fact that they both facilitate aggregation of services. Basically, our Portlets comprise of Struts code. So anything that can be displayed using JSP/Struts can be displayed in Portlets as well.

            Integerating the Portal security with jBPM security was an interesting problem but we managed to do that also. As documented, we need to extend the ExpressionAssignmentHandler class to do this.

            Is there any special feature of a Portal server that you think jBPM could take advantage of or vice versa?


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              Koen Aers Master


              I think it would be great if you would want to share your solution of integrating jBPM in Websphere Portal. If you would describe it in an article and post it as a wiki page, you would provide a lot of user's who want to do similar things (maybe in other environments) with some guidance and a good example. I hope you will consider doing this ;-)


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                pedro costa Apprentice

                When i finish my project, i will take my spare time to do an article to explain how i could combine jBPM with portlets.

                I will use jboss portal instead of websphere.

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                  Koen Aers Master

                  Great! We'll be looking forward to that...


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                    mohan chokkakula Newbie

                    we are also eager in developing the portal client for the JBPM and trying to use on different portal servers but we are new to this jbpm and if any one gave some idea about the api fo the JBPM it ll be helpfull to us in developing the portlets for the JBPM if any one done this please provide me the sample portlet code.
                    "ANY help regardign this ll be appriciated"
                    Mohan Chokkakula.

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                      Ronald van Kuijk Master


                      The best way to get a feeling of how to use the api for a portlet is to look at the source of the webapp. JSF, Beans etc, it 's all in there.

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                        mohan chokkakula Newbie

                        i have seen the following in one article to invoke the Business Process which is running on another JVM other than the client JVM.

                        The jBPM service archive:
                        The deploy directory contains a service archive that creates a JbpmSessionFactory at startup of the server and puts it in JNDI. To make use of this JbpmSessionFactory, you have to specify the property jbpm.session.factory.jndi.name=java:/jbpm/JbpmSessionFactory in your jBPM configuration (e.g. in the jbpm.properties in your WEB-INF/classes in your web application).

                        here my evironment is:
                        1) iam running JBPM on the stater kit of the JBoss JBPM ,
                        2) i have my standalone client application on the WSAD 5.1.2

                        using the standalone application how can i invoke the JBOss JBPM form the WSAD .
                        In the standalone application iam trying to retrieve the Task list of the business process by giving the actor ID.

                        please help me to resolve this problem(or confusion of invoking the business process using remote client)
                        "Any help regarding this will be appriciated".
                        Mohan Chokkakula