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    process engine related queries

    Sanjeev Tanugula Newbie

      I am using the JBPM engine and would like to get some clarifications on the functionality and if any limitations that may exist.

      1) Is there a limit on the number of process definitions and different versions of each process definition that can be registered in the engine? For example we may have 700 different customers and each customer may have 4 different versions of the process def. registered with the engine.

      2) Can I control which version of the process definition should become effective based on date/time i.e if I register version 2.0 of process def. A can I set an effective date from when any subsequent processes that are created should be based on version 2.0?

      3) Also can I have different versions of a single process definition registered and usable at the same time?

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          Koen Aers Master

          1. No limits
          2. Yes this is possible, but not out of the box. You'll have to write some custom code to select and start the appropriate version in your application.
          3. Yes, standard behaviour is that started processes continue to running following their initial definition, newly started definitions are using the new latest definition. But, as said above, if this does not suit your needs, you can select the appropriate definition in your application.