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    Swimlane and pass

    Tran Lap Newbie

      Hi all.
      I see in JBPM_ID_USER have this struct.


      When I use this tag:
      <task swimlane="start process">

      I can select user to control this task but i can't find password field for this user.
      How must i do to show the password field??
      Thank for your help.

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          Alejandro Guizar Master

          The jBPM core only deals with actor IDs and is not concerned with authorization issues; that is a responsibility of the environment where jBPM is used.

          The password field is a feature of the identity module, offered as a complimentary component. Applications built on top of it, such as the jBPM web app, may use this field as an aid for authentication.

          Chapter 14 of the jBPM users guide gives some more details.