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    When is the new UI stuff going to be ready?

    David Sanchez Novice

      ..just curious. I heard a week about two weeks ago and a 'few days' a few days ago.

      Don't get me wrong, I don't want you to rush you or give you a hard time..just curious.

      By the way, I've taken the time to further digest the Users Guide and browsed more of the JUnit test cases to see what this thing is capable of. I'm really looking forward to doing some cool things with this. If I can get some paying customers, I'll want to pay for your support services as "back-up" (I was hoping to do it on a monthly basis but that is another issue altogether.)

      BTW, I'm going to start working with Sony to localize a web application that currently only runs in English (that sort of i18n/l10n work is my normal gig.) I'll have access to the entire thing so I will likely make a pitch for moving it onto a jBPM if I can find some good reasons why can use it.

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          Tom Baeyens Master

          what new ui stuff are you talking about ?

          regards, tom.

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            Ronald van Kuijk Master

            I think (no I'm sure) he means the additions I was talking about/am working on. I've been to busy to find the time to clean the things up so it can be added to CVS.

            The code is running fine and cleaning things up will be finished this weekend, maybe even tonight. I do not know if my cvs commit is working yet, so that could be a 'blocker'

            Everybody has to keep in mind that this is a small evolution of the ui, but gives everybody a lot more flexibility in designing the ui.


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              David Sanchez Novice

              That is also my understanding. I think there are just a few changes so that you can create a custom version of the "task.jsp" Ronald also mentioned that retrieving variables from context will be "automatically" detect their type. I'm not exactly sure how that will work so I'm holding off to see. I'm guess perhaps it will automatically detect if a context variable is of type list then that can be passed onto the customized "task.jsp" to form a pop-out menu.

              Those small changes will open things up quite a bit.

              Unrelated to the above, right now I'm trying to figure out how to load data from a parts list into the database then kick off multiple tasks (or nested workflows) depending on the value of a particular field.

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                David Sanchez Novice

                Any status on this? I'd definately understand if you guys are reworking the implementation or creating more tests. Ronald, if you want a hand, I'm not the super best programmer but would be happy to help.

                Again, I think the changes Ronald are proposing are really important. Being confined to one task.jsp is not flexible enough. Being able to create your own task.jsp will increase the flexibility enormously.

                Also, what I am really excited about this is the flexibility to add a file upload/download to a task and add other descriptive text to a task page. Also I'm hoping to settle on a way to put pop-out menus, radio buttons, pop-out date calendar entry and the like on a task. I think I understand how to add a java.Lang.List object as a context variable then pull it out again and pass it to a jsp, I'm just waiting to see exactly what you guys will do then I will build on top of that.

                Thanks again!