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    More than now

    Tran Lap Newbie

      Hi all, Hi jBPM forum moderator.
      I'm trying to add some objects as combo box, text box, list box, command button, ... And i want to catch all events to these ones.
      But i can't find any method to do this ???
      Every one or you have some method ?? Please help me for this problem.
      Or the current jBPM doen't suppor this ????


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          Ronald van Kuijk Master

          It took a little longer because of some changes in 3.1a1, but my code to be able to use other 'objects' is almost ready. Late last night I got it working.

          But remember, the ui is (currently) mainly for development purposes. In most cases you want some other ui functionality too (like wizards) that will not be supported in the default ui. So you have to develop that on your own. What I mean is that it is not a jBPM (core) thing, just that the jBPM ui does not support this (out of the box)

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            Tran Lap Newbie

            Thank to kukeltje.
            So you can guide me throw a example or a way to build my own.
            Thank very much.