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    jBPM Performance Data?

    Joe McGonnell Newbie

      There is a large financial services company in the US that is interested in using JBoss jBPM but first wants to be sure it's safe and proven enough for their environment. Basically looking for a current jBPM user that can share any performance-related metrics on jBPM - for example, what platform is used, how many steps in the workflow, how many transactions per second/minute and the processing time per transaction.

      We wouldn't need this information to be available publicly if that's a concern - just shared directly with another potential jBPM user. Feel free to respond via the Forum or simply contact me directly and I can put you in touch with the customer. My e-mail is joe@jboss.com (joe at jboss dot com in case it gets lost along the way).

      Thanks in advance,

      Joe McGonnell
      JBoss Inc.

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          Ronald van Kuijk Master


          Maybe not the answer you want, since it is a question.

          Are they looking for lots of manual interaction or mainly straight-through-processing? A major difference, since in the latter, the ui delay can be a major contributor in the overall performance. Besides that, the complexity of the actions carried out with each step can influence the overall performance as well. These issues should be answered by the companies giving answers to your questions.

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            Joe McGonnell Newbie

            Hi Ronald,

            Yes, good questions. Only wish I had all the answers ;-) I don't yet know the specifics about their intended processes only that they are looking to obtain performance data from existing users so that they can avoid going through a lengthy internal performance testing project. I would assume that any internal testing will be primarily straight-thru processing and generally carrying out simple actions.

            I will check with the sales rep to see if he knows of any specific requirements.

            While we're on the subject, does anyone know of any public BPM performance benchmarks or is it only ever done on a company-by-company basis?