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    JBPM Database scripts with MySQL 5.0

    Ravi Prakash Reddy Ummadi Newbie


      In my application I use MySQL 5.0 with JBPM. But the behavior of JBPM is not correct. It is skipping intermediate nodes during the transition. Hence the workflow is not according to the process defintion.

      The same process works fine with MySQL 4.1, PostGres SQL and HSQL DB.
      It seems there is some problem with MYSQL 5.0 database scripts generated by JBPM DB module.
      Did anyone else observe this behaviour? Please let me know if any one has working scripts for MySQL 5.0.

      ( Previously I have posted detailed description of the odd behavior I am facing with MySQL 5.0 at the following location. If you are interested see it.



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          vijay yadav Newbie


          I am new to jbpm i am trying to deploy jbpm on tomcat with mysql. I am not able to generate DB script in mysql. how to do that. Can u plz tell me.

          org.hibernate.dialect.MysqlDialect class not found.

          Thanks in Adavnce.


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            matafy Newbie

            Hello, I also have some questions about mysql.
            I see following words in jbpm-db\readme.html, does this show that jbpm has not supported mysql now?
            Currently the innodb dialect is being used and tested with. The drop, create and drop/create scripts work. The clean script has some problems with foreign keys. The test task currently works for some tests. There are a lot of exceptions being thrown in the test execution. Probably some configuration problem. A lot of tests are failing:

            org.jbpm.context.exe.HibernateCustomizationTest all
            org.jbpm.db.GraphSessionDbTest various
            org.jbpm.graph.log.NodeLogDbTest 2

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              sateesh kumar Newbie


              Check out the jbpm3.0.2 version from the branch
              (from cvs.sourceforge.net) and then generate the Scripts . This might work..

              I am using the Oracle DB and it worked for me..


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                Ravi Prakash Reddy Ummadi Newbie


                Download jbpm-db-3.0.zip and extract it to D:\jbpm-db-3.0.zip.dir and follow the following steps.

                1. modify build.properties, specify correct location of jbpm.
                eg: jbpm.3.location=D:/jbpm-3.0
                2. Modify hibernate.properties file located in D:\jbpm-db-3.0.zip.dir\mysql
                3. run ant mysql.scripts
                4. Now you can find mysql scripts in "D:\jbpm-db-3.0.zip.dir\build\mysql\scripts" folder.
                5. You need only 'mysql.create.sql" to start working. Don't bother if other things work or not.
                6. Create a database and run the above script file from mysql command line client using:

                mysql> source D:\jbpm-db-3.0.zip.dir\build\mysql\scripts\mysql.create.sql

                That's all.