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    small problem and easy fix for current cvs jbpm.3

    David Sanchez Novice

      Switched order of "depends" arguments for target "compile" Seems a dependancy developed between "compile.jbpm.text" and "compile.identity" This should fix it.

      original build.xml line 43

      <target name="compile" depends="compile.jbpm,compile.jbpm.test, compile.identity, compile.webapp,compile.identity.test, compile.examples" description="compiles all" />

      change same to
      <target name="compile" depends="compile.jbpm, compile.identity, compile.webapp, compile.jbpm.test,compile.identity.test, compile.examples" description="compiles all" />

      I'm guessing you guys use your own build.xml files. I just stumbled this while doing some clean-up.