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    Using Jython for delegation or script contents

    Brad Clements Newbie

      I'm an experienced Python programmer, but pretty weak with respect to Java. I'd like to write actions/delegation code or script contents in Jython instead of bsh.

      Has anyone tried this?

      I know I can compile Jython code to java classes, but I'd prefer to try it with interpreted .jy files distributed with my process.

      Perhaps I can write a generic class that uses config-type/configuration-property to address the real Jython class. If I do this, how do I get access to the Process context?


      How do I inject signals into the process space? (ie, if I just run starter jdbm-server...)

      I was thinking of using jbpm jar files from Jython, and just point it to the same database that the jbpm-server (linux) process is using, but I suspect that won't work. Perhaps I mis-understand how integration is to be achieved. I'd like to use a REST style interface for signalling processes.

      Also, I'll have a distinct application that reads pending tasks directly from the db (via appropriate hibernate mapping)... IE, I have to integrate tasks and task assignment into an existing website.

      I guess I don't know enough yet to ask the right questions.. sorry.