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    TaskAssignment logs question

    Sanjeev Tanugula Newbie

      In the example websale application that comes with the product I do see that whenever a new process is created a message is displayed on the webpage saying

      "A new task has been assigned to ernie"

      and the name of the user that is displayed there is whatever actor id is assigned to that task in the processdefinition.xml. But if I do not assign a user in the .par and instead call an assignmenthandler for the assignment how do I pick the name of the swimlane or the actorId to display in the message above.

      How do I display the name of the swimlane of the next task in the above message. From the documentation it is clear that we need to created TaskAssignLog. However I am not sure where I need to create this TaskAssignLog i.e should I code this in the ActionHandlers os AssignmentHandlers? In case of simple task node that does not have any action handlers or assignment handlers how is this TaskAssignLog entry added.