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    Where can i find more jbpm examples

    pedro costa Apprentice

      Where can i find more jbpm examples, beside the examples in the userguide and the one that comes with jbmp.


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          ch praveen Newbie

          same with me. I request jbpm team to provide some web-based examples so that beginner (like me) can quickly adhere to jbpm without wasting time as he will get a feel of full workflow being implemented.

          Moreover when we can expect upgraded version of org.jbpm.websale application with admin and moniter facilities.

          Also is there any link showing how jpdl can be used to accomplish workflowpatterns listedout on workflowpatterns.com.

          Thanks in advance

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            Ronald van Kuijk Master

            Hmmm... there is a web based example isn't there? The websale isn't an application, it's a process. It just uses the default basic webui from jBPM.

            There are some nice monitoring functions in the 3.1alpha release. Please check those out. Admin functionality is not in there yet so you have to wait for that. There are some Jira issues regarding admin functionality. Please vote for these issues to show that you think they are important or add new ones for functionality you think is/will be missing.

            Regarding the workflowpatterns, look in the sourcecode: src\java.jbpm.test\org\jbpm\jpdl\patterns


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              ch praveen Newbie

              Hi Kukeltje,

              Ill checkout the points mentioned by you. Thanks for your reply.