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    Are these features Supported in jBPM ??

    sateesh kumar Newbie

      Hi All,

      Could any of you let me know whether the below listed things are supported / or the best way to achieve these..

      1) It seems we can only set the Actor for a Task. How to store the info reg the Creator or Assigner or Both?
      The only way i figured out to achieve this is to have info stored in Context Variables ( as they get persisted)
      But while fetching the Tasks created by a Certain User i need to get all the Tasks of that Process Instance and
      check for the Creator Variable..Is there a better way to achieve this ?

      2) How flexible is jBPM in migrating the Process Definitions from one version to another. Lets say i have started a
      Process Instance and it might take couple of years to complete .In the mean time newer versions of jBPM are
      released and if we decide to migrate to the leatest version how hard or easy to migrate the old versions
      persisted Data..I see the No.of tables getting increased in each release..

      3) When we assign tasks to Roles is the functionality of locking the Tasks when a User of that Role Cliams the task
      provided or we need to write the code to customize this bevavior. If so is it using the Context Variables ??


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          Ronald van Kuijk Master

          1) create your own hibernate query for this

          2) We do not actively support migrating process instances. If you are sure all process variables required for a new version are available, you could 'migrate' it by changing some values in the database. In my personal opinion I would not like to have processes running several years, just because of this issue. E.g. a company I did some work for we created a long lasting dossier with several short lived processes acting on it. That way the problems of process instance migration disappear.

          Migrating the database and accompanying process definitions once a new jBPM version comes out, will be supported by jBPM, just not upgrading the running process instances to a newer version of the process

          3) You could reassign the task to that individual user. That wat is 'locked'

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            sateesh kumar Newbie


            I need to have the Creator and Assigner Attributes in the Task Instance..
            I am wondering why we don't have this basic feature Or am i missing some thing here..

            When you assign a task to a User/Role , it is required to show who assigned that Task !!

            I thought of using these values in the Context Instance using the below code:


            But from the jBPM documentation Context is about process variables !!
            So how can we store the Variables specific to TaskInstance.. If i store the Variable using the Above Code they might get persisted and are related to the Token. But this Token might have more than one Task Instance ..how to get the Info Specific to a TaskInstance ?

            If we extend the TaskInstance and all the Attributes and the methods which are specific to our app what are all the Places that i need to make this change apart from the Hibernate Config File..