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    Suggestions for stable hw/sw jBPM development environment

    David Sanchez Novice

      Don't know about you guys but I'm having trouble with the overall stability of my jBPM development environment. Seems you have nice relationship between Eclipse and JBoss so I can really use some tips on...:

      1) Name and version of Linux you use
      2) Version of Eclipse
      3) JVM settings for JBoss and Eclipse (-Xms and -Xmx values)
      4) How much RAM
      5) Processor (don't think this should affect stability but you can add this info if you like.)


      PS Not recommended, Windows XP, Suse Linux 10.0 (its all they had at Frys when I wanted to switch from Windows..thought I might need help with the installation so I wanted to buy a boxed copy.