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    how to reference rich styles?

    Arnie Morein Newbie

      I am migrating a MyFaces app to RichFaces.

      One page has a h:panelGrid with summary information whose detail is shown below in a separate rich:panel / rich:dataTable combo.

      Anyway, I need to "decorate" this h:panelGrid just like the rich:dataTable's are (so that it looks like rich:dataTable, esp if the skin changes). E.g.:

      <h:panelGrid width="100%" columns="6"

      The p:panelGrid only has 2 rows - a header and one of data. I cannot use a rich:dataTable because the column values come from different session beans, not record set.

      I've been looking around but cannot find documentation that references the style sheet of RichFaces. Is it possible to do this?