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    Cancel task when timer expires

    pinston Newbie

      I am trying to test JBPM fonction and try this scenario:
      post a task to a user
      if the task is not done after some times
      post a new task to the manager

      I tried this:

      <task-node name="task_to_user">
       <task name="something a user should do" swimlane="user">
       <event type='task-create'>
       System.out.println( "-----------> Task [task_to_user] is created" );
       <timer name="countdown"
       duedate="10 seconds"
       transition="tr_task_manager" >
       System.out.println("----------> Timer expires ........ ");
       <transition name="tr_user_to_end" to="end_process">
       System.out.println( "-----------> transition [tr_user_to_end]" );
       <transition name="tr_task_manager" to="task_to_manager">
       System.out.println( "-----------> transition [tr_task_manager]" );

      My question is:

      Should I have to cancel the task when I am living the task-node in case the timer expires ?

      Because it seems that the task is still there after leaving a task-node.