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    Setting task instancedescription...

    Konstantin Kolev Newbie

      Hello, everybody!
      I have a question of principle about task instance description. Why isn't it possible to set/get a description of a task instance?
      As far as I know the only way to do so is to set a description of the task from which the task instance "derives". But what happens if I want to set different description of each task instance? Suppose you have a task instance that "says" that a particular document must be signed and this document is different each time a task instance is been created. The only workaround for this is first to set description of the task itself and after taht to call for example:


      But if I want to show a task instance description to a user I cannot because there is no such method like
      can be used. But again what happens if each task instance has different description? The data is in the database but it cannot be shown to the user :(
      I am sorry if I was too talkative, as I said this was a question of principle.