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    timer in state of subprocess (jbpm 3.0.1)

    maplat Newbie

      I create a process definition on the fly from my code. This is not done using xml, i add new node, state and other elements to the process.

      I also have a process-state element. The sub process defined has a timer (create timer and cancel timer event).

      When saving the process instance I created from master process, the timers of my sub process are not saved.

      As far as I debugged the code, It's because there are transientInstances of modules (in this case the scheduler) which receive the timers.

      When saving the process instance, only timers of the master process are saved, not of the sub process. My process executes up to the create timer action in the sub process, and then stops, because no timer is recognized by the scheduler.

      Do I understand things wrong or is there another way to handle that?