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    JDPL XSD to API Synchronization

    Peter Newbie

      Good day,

      Wanted to know how synchronized the XSD and the API are (version 3.0). For example, within the API for the "Join" node, you are offered the ability to set the join properties to establish "discriminator" or "nOfm" behavior. However, I don't see attributes for these within the XSD "join" element, or anywhere else in the XSD.

      Am I just missing it or are there things you can do via the API that cannot be done via JPDL specifications (and vice-versa)?


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          Alejandro Guizar Master

          These are experimental features that haven't reached their definitive form, that's why you don't see them in the schema. You won't see a database or xml schema updates until a new feature is stable enough.

          So, in general, there may be things you can do with the API that can't be done with the jPDL document. The inverse is not true, tough. There's an API equivalent for everything jPDL offers.