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    WebSale Example: When does the INSERT INTO JBPM_(tableName)

    Felipe Newbie

      I have the starter kit running "as is" with default config using the Hypsersonic java DB. Studying the implementation. I know Hibernate is the persistent layer. I can see in my \JBPM\jbpm-server\jbpm\data\hypersonic\loadDBscript
      my insert statements after running throught the web app from start state to end state.


      These are the insert statements that are generated after cookie monster, or ernie, or bert "Save and Close Task" Task Name "create new web sale order".
      I can understand the flow, lets say, from the processdefinition but I can not figure out how the Task Name "create new web sale order" knows to "INSERT INTO JBPM_VARIABLEINSTANCE". I can not find a class, a script, a nothing?

      How does Task Name "create new web sale order" know to insert into

      Maybe because I am new to Hibernate but when does the actual "insert statement" get implemented and where is that statement if I wanted to insert additional values into the table.

      Thanks for the guidance.