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    JBPM Schema Doesn't Reflect Hibernate Mapping

    Julian Klein Newbie


      I recently tried to set a string variable in my process instance, but the string of 500 characters was unable to insert due to a SQL exception regarding the column length being too short. I am using PostgresQL and the jbpm_variableinstance table indicates that the stringvalue_ column can only be 255 characters long. I then reviewed the hibernate config for the class and found the following:

      <hibernate-mapping default-access="field">
       <subclass name="org.jbpm.context.exe.variableinstance.StringInstance"
       <property name="value" type="string" column="STRINGVALUE_" length="4000"/>

      Anyone have an idea why my table is showing a length of varchar((255) instead of varchar(4000)? I have created the db via the ant task found in the jBPM 3.0 download.