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    reRender error on IE6 and Firefox 3

    Adamo Bozzetti Newbie

      I have an a4j:commandButton that reRender a rich:dataTable containing a column with a h:commandLink. When i click on the button the data are retrived from the server but the table is not reRendered and the error on the a4j:log console is:
      Error parsing XML
      Parse Error: Errore interpretazione XML: non well-formed Indirizzo: http://localhost:8080/TributiWeb/servizi/cosap/ricerca/ricercaDenuncia.jsf Linea numero 25, colonna 123: function dpf(f) {var adp = f.adp;if (adp != null) {for (var i = 0;i < adp.length;i++) {f.removeChild(adp);}}};function apf(f, pvp) {var adp = new Array();f.adp = adp;var ps = pvp.split(',');for (var i = 0,ii = 0;i < ps.length;i++,ii++) {var p = document.createElement("input");p.type = "hidden";p.name = ps;p.value = ps[i + 1];f.appendChild(p);adp[ii] = p;i += 1;}};function jsfcljs(f, pvp, t) {apf(f, pvp);var ft = f.target;if (t) {f.target = t;}f.submit();f.target = ft;dpf(f);};

      When i remove the h:commandLink from the table there is no problem, i tried both RichFaces 3.2.0 and 3.2.1 with no success. The problem wasn't present in firefox 2.

      Any idea?
      Thanks in advance