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    Fields and Extending an ActionHandler

    null null Newbie


      I have an ActionHandler base class that I would like all my other ActionHandlers to extend. I would like certain fields to belong to the super-class but be visible to subclasses like this:

      public abstract class MySuperActionHandler implements ActionHandler {
       protected String message;
       public void execute(ExecutionContext arg0) throws Exception {

      And let's say I have a sub class called MySubActionHandler and I have an action that looks like this in my process definition:

      <action class="foo.bar.MySubActionHandler">
       <message>Hello World!</message>

      I have no field called message in my subclass, i want to inherit it and have jBPM be able to inject it into the subclasses. Is this possible? I've tried using both config-type field and config-type bean and neither seems to work. Suggestions please...