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    Question on configuration in sub process invocation



      I have a process invoking a subprocess. You know, we include a configuration xml in CDATA tag inside process-state tag.

      This configuration I write is 470 characters long. I looked at the table JBPM_DELEGATION, and configuration column is varchar 4000, it is okay.

      I deploy the super process, it is successful. I make a select statement in sql editor. I see that the length of what I have inserted in configuration column is 470 chars long, but when it comes to this process-state and invokes the DefaultProcessInvocationHandler but in the configure method, it can get only 255 characters of the configuration as input, and tough throws an exception "the default process invocation handler was not configured properly".

      In reality, the correct configuration data is out there in the database, but the code cannot retrieve all of it, when it reaches over 255 characters.

      What configuration shall I make to handle this situation?

      Thanks in advance :-)