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    CMP instead of Hibernate

    Elmo Novice


      Do you have a version that uses CMP2 instead of hibernate? Nothing wrong with hibernate, its just that all of our persistence mechanism uses CMP 2 as our OR mapping for all our tables. Flexibility is not needed, we plan to run jBPM only on the server side and inside the J2ee container. I would prefer to have only one OR mapping strategy. I also do not wish to add different configuration files, and additional libraries for persistence if possible. Thanks.



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          Tom Baeyens Master


          "enazareno" wrote:
          I would prefer to have only one OR mapping strategy.

          change your cmp's to hibernate ? :)

          regards, tom.

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            Elmo Novice

            Dear Tom,

            I wish it could be that easy. It took as a long time to decide on certain technologies. The thought of introducing yet another will probably make some "cringe". But kudos to your work, I think we have to make an exception with this one. I think you have made workflow as simple to integrate and leave some room for us to do our stuff. The only thing I have to hurdle yet is making things easy to configure and setup, which is the one that usually turns people off. Most of the problems I am encountering is JBoss related, like setting up JMS on MySQL.
            As for now, I guess I'll just have to make the two OR mapping co-exist and probably wait for EJB3 to make another round of decision-making - again another technology! (:| Anyways, keep up the good work to you and your team and more power :)