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    Setting the Timer's duedate in the ActionHandler

    Elmo Novice


      Is it possible to manually set the Timer's next due date from an ActionHandler? Correct me if I'm wrong but I think there is no support for a cron-like expression in the BusinessCalendar class (?). It just repeats uniformly based on the repeat value. If there is none, can we get a handle to the timer from the ActionHandler so I can just manually set it? or do I have to create a custom Timer class for my needs? What is your recommendation? Thanks



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          Tom Baeyens Master

          i just added an new event for this in 3.1 alpha 2 (released yesterday).

          the create timer action (also used when specifying a timer element), will fire a 'create-timer' event on the graphElement on which the action is put. in practice you can put an

          <node ...
           <event type="create-timer">
           <action class="you.timer.UpdatingAction" /> <!-- timer can be accessed through the execution context -->
           <timer ... />

          regards, tom.