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    Does jBPM 3 support oracle 8?

    Guy Walker Newbie

      I've been trying to get jBPM 3 to work with an Oracle 8 database. It looks like the database schema on the WIKI for Oracle must be a jBPM 2 schema, as there are loads of tables missing in that document. Did the scema change significantly between 2 and 3?
      I've tried creating tables in line with the SQL scripts provided for other DBs in the staters kit, i changed bigint to NUMBER (19), double to NUMBER(8), varbinary to RAW, timestamp to DATE and bit to NUMBER(8) in order to get datatypes supported on Oracle 8.
      Are these type conversions reasonable?

      Anyway, deploying a process definition to this DB just seems to get stuck, there is no error output in the logs.

      Does anybody know what I'm doing wrong, or whether what I'm attempting is even possible?