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    Explicit save childToken in Fork

    Rainer Alfoeldi Novice

      Hi all,

      just wondering... if Fork explicitly needs to save childTokens can I then assume that saving the parent token or processInstance will NOT do so?

      This would be a real bummer... :-(



      public class Fork extends Node implements Parsable {
      protected ForkedToken createForkedToken(Token parent, String transitionName) {
       // instantiate the new token
       Token childToken = new Token(parent, getTokenName(parent, transitionName));
       // if there is persistency
       JbpmSession jbpmSession = JbpmSession.getCurrentJbpmSession();
       if (jbpmSession!=null) {
       // give the childToken an id
       // create a forked token
       ForkedToken forkedToken = null;
       forkedToken = new ForkedToken(childToken, transitionName);
       return forkedToken;