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    What are the advantages of deploying a par?

    Jim McMaster Newbie

      I am using jBPM to create workflows that will be executed on the order of 1-10 times per day. These are completely automated with no wait states. Once defined, the workflows are not likely to change often.

      jBPM may be deployed inside jBoss, or it might be running in its own JVM. We have not decided that yet.

      Are there any compelling reasons to create and deploy pars to the database, versus generating a new process definition by parsing the xml each time?

      Thank you.

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          Sean Newbie

          I would think you want the def in the database. I assume you will want to historically track your transactions back to the definition. If you create it on the fly, you will never know for sure what the process was at that time. Plus you run the risk of your def being changed and the problem not being caught until you run an instance of it.

          I can think of a dozen reasons for putting it in the database. The versioning of process definitions is one of the things I really like about jBPM.