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    Need some help for GPD

    mkrishna143 Newbie

      Hi everyone,
      I had completed the steps mentioned in the URL:
      After completing all the steps in it what should I do to integrate this with
      the workflow engine???
      Help me out.

      Krishnakumar M

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          Sean Newbie

          This helps you create a process definition and test it.

          Are you asking how to deploy the process definition into the database? That would deploying the par file.

          I'm not sure if the GPD comes with a build.xml so you can do it with ant. I've got one, but it's been so long, I'm not sure if I made it from scratch or it came with the GPD.


          I've included the build.xml for reference. You will need to change it to fit your project, but it is very handy...

          <?xml version="1.0"?>
          <project name="EJB Creator" default="create_par" basedir=".">
           <!-- VARIABLES THAT NEED CUSTOMIZED ================================ -->
           <property name="jbpm.home" value="C:/stuff/installs/jboss_jbpm/jbpm-starters-kit-with-eclipse-3.0/jbpm-starters-kit-with-eclipse-3.0/jbpm" />
           <property name="jboss.home" value="C:/stuff/installs/jboss_jbpm/jbpm-starters-kit-with-eclipse-3.0/jbpm-starters-kit-with-eclipse-3.0/jbpm-server" />
           <property name="jboss.deploy.subdir" value="server/jbpm/deploy" />
           <property name="shared.lib.location" value="../shared_libraries/lib" />
           <property name="cdhps.location" value="../cdhps/bin" />
           <property name="cdhps.util.location" value="../util/build" />
           <!-- SETUP ENVIRONMENT VARIABLES FOR THE BUILD ===================== -->
           <!-- Version of this project -->
           <property name="version" value="1.0.0 Alpha" />
           <!-- Various Locations -->
           <property name="src.dir" value="./src/java" />
           <property name="build.dir" value="./build/classes" />
           <property name="par.dir" value="./par" />
           <property name="xml.dir" value="./src/process" />
           <property name="config.dir" value="./conf" />
           <property name="javadoc.dir" value="./doc/javadoc" />
           <property name="javadoc.overview" value="src/doc/overview.html" />
           <property name="db.conn.props" value="src/config.files/hibernate.properties" />
           <!-- Workflow Par Name -->
           <property name="parname" value="Workflow" />
           <!-- CLASSPATH -->
           <path id="classpath.config">
           <pathelement path="${build.dir}" />
           <pathelement path="${config.dir}" />
           <pathelement path="${cdhps.location}"/>
           <pathelement path="${cdhps.util.location}"/>
           <fileset dir="${shared.lib.location}" includes="**/*.jar" />
           <!-- CLEAN ========================================================= -->
           <target name="clean" description="cleans/removes output directories">
           <delete dir="${build.dir}" />
           <delete dir="${par.dir}" />
           <delete dir="${javadoc.dir}" />
           <!-- PREPARE ======================================================= -->
           <target name="prepare" depends="clean" description="creates output directories">
           <!-- Create the time stamp -->
           <!-- Create the build directory structure used by compile -->
           <mkdir dir="${par.dir}" />
           <mkdir dir="${build.dir}" />
           <mkdir dir="${javadoc.dir}" />
           <!-- COMPILE ======================================================= -->
           <target name="compile" depends="prepare" description="compiles the actionhandler classes">
           <!-- Compile the java code from ${src.dir} into ${build.dir} -->
           <echo message="Compiling source code..." />
           <javac srcdir="${src.dir}"
           destdir="${build.dir}" >
           <classpath refid="classpath.config" />
           <include name="**/*.java" />
           <!-- CREATE PAR FILE =============================================== -->
           <target name="create_par" depends="compile" description="creates the par file">
           <jar jarfile="${par.dir}/${parname}.par">
           <fileset dir="${build.dir}/.." includes="**/*.class"/>
           <fileset dir="${xml.dir}" includes="**/*.xml" />
           <!-- DEPLOY PAR FILE =============================================== -->
           <target name="deploy_par" depends="create_par,declare.jbpm.tasks" description="deploys the par file">
           <deploypar par="${par.dir}/${parname}.par" />
           <target name="declare.jbpm.tasks" description="used by deploy_par to define deploypar ant task">
           <taskdef name="deploypar" classname="org.jbpm.ant.DeployParTask">
           <classpath refid="classpath.config" />
           <!-- JAVADOC ======================================================= -->
           <target name="javadoc" depends="compile" description="creates the javadocs for this project">
           windowtitle="jBPM EJB ${version}"
           bottom="Version : ${version}">
           <packageset dir="${src.dir}" />
           <classpath refid="classpath.config" />
           <copy todir="${javadoc.dir}">
           <fileset dir="${src.dir}" includes="**/*.gif,**/*.jpg"/>

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            mkrishna143 Newbie

            Thanks for your reply.
            I am in need of a complete documentation about :
            What are all the steps that I have to do
            For creating a web application into the Application server using the created par file.
            I need the link for the documentation.
            I am clueless about the next steps for deploying my application.
            Krishnakumar M