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    laga nassim Newbie

      hi to all,
      i try to use jbpm on a simple application; but when i try to get connestion to HSQLDB (the default database of jbpm) i get the following error:
      socket creation error

      java.sql.SQLException: socket creation error
      at org.hsqldb.jdbc.Util.sqlException(Unknown Source)
      at org.hsqldb.jdbc.jdbcConnection.(Unknown Source)
      at org.hsqldb.jdbcDriver.getConnection(Unknown Source)
      at org.hsqldb.jdbcDriver.connect(Unknown Source)
      at com.mchange.v2.c3p0.DriverManagerDataSource.getConnection(DriverManagerDataSource.java:68)
      at com.mchange.v2.c3p0.WrapperConnectionPoolDataSource.getPooledConnection(WrapperConnectionPoolDataSource.java:87)
      at com.mchange.v2.c3p0.impl.C3P0PooledConnectionPool$1.acquireResource(C3P0PooledConnectionPool.java:83)
      at com.mchange.v2.resourcepool.BasicResourcePool.assimilateResource(BasicResourcePool.java:884)
      at com.mchange.v2.resourcepool.BasicResourcePool.acquireUntil(BasicResourcePool.java:601)
      at com.mchange.v2.resourcepool.BasicResourcePool.access$400(BasicResourcePool.java:31)
      at com.mchange.v2.resourcepool.BasicResourcePool$AcquireTask.run(BasicResourcePool.java:1079)
      at com.mchange.v2.async.ThreadPoolAsynchronousRunner$PoolThread.run(ThreadPoolAsynchronousRunner.java:354)

      i think the is on hsqldb-ds.xml; perhaps i have to modifie it.
      can any one tell me how to resolve this problem


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          Alejandro Guizar Master

          Please search for "socket creation error" including all terms. This question has been already answered several times.

          ...Alright, here it goes: you're looking in the right place. In hsqldb-ds.xml, near the start, comment the section that reads "for in-process persistent db" and uncomment "for tco connection". Also, near the end, comment the section "this mbean can be used when using in-process persistent db" and uncomment "this mbean should be used only when using tcp connection".

          Please note that this opens a security hole so you shouldn't deploy such a data source in production. In addition, you shouldn't need to do this if you are accessing the database from within JBoss.

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            laga nassim Newbie

            thank you very match for your reply
            i will do it

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              Shifeng Zhang Newbie


              I met the same problem as "java.sql.SQLException: socket creation error ". I also modified the hsqldb-ds.xml as what you indicated. But the error still exists. Any suggestions? Thanks!