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    SchedulerSession.cancelTimersForProcessInstance & Hibernate

    John Georgiadis Newbie


      I'm using JDK 1.4.2_05, jBPM-3.0.2 & Hibernate 3.1RC3

      SchedulerSession.cancelTimersForProcessInstance() is using the following query to delete timers for a given process instance:
      delete from org.jbpm.scheduler.exe.Timer where processInstance = :processInstance

      This throws a Hibernate exception:
      column "processinstance" does not exist

      The relevant column in the schema is escaped (processinstance_), so I assume this is a bug with Hibernate or malformed HQL.

      Changing the above query to:
      delete from org.jbpm.scheduler.exe.Timer timer where timer.processInstance = :processInstance

      causes Hibernate to find the mapping of name -> column and generate the correct SQL delete statement.

      There are a few other HQL strings following the same pattern