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    Authentication MS Active Directory How?

    Felipe Newbie

      I am interested in learning how to use MS Active Directory with jBPM3? I would like to authenticate and assign users to a swimlane at run-time? Can I? I can see in your processdefinition.xml (websale) the example is using swimlanes and assigning users to the swimlane in the xml. Swinlanes accountant, shipper, etc...If I establish swimlanes can I use MS Active Directory to assign users to that swimlane. I am required to use MS Active Directory as my resource for authentication of users for this project.

      Example: If a user logs in with MS Active Directory how do I tie them to a swimlane? What is the best approach.

      Fine-grained authorization provided ? every actor/group can have set of permissions on environment entities (process definitions, instances, actors/groups) using MS Active Directory?

      Thanks for the insight....