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    HowTo remove a ProcessInstance Q

    Fred Muhlenberg Newbie

      Running within jBoss, I have a process instance that has ended normally. When I search for current process instances, I find my terminated process being listed -- hasEnded() returns true.

      Now, I want to remove that instance from the DB tables but find that exceptions are generated when create a transaction -or- nothing happens when I don't use transactions.

      So, what is the accepted (prefered) method to remove a process instance?

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          brittm Novice


          JbpmSessionFactory jbpmSessionFactory = JbpmSessionFactory.getInstance();
           JbpmSession jbpmSession = jbpmSessionFactory.openJbpmSession();
           GraphSession graphSession = jbpmSession.getGraphSession();
          Simple enough; however, in certain scenarios there are still (I believe) one or two persistance issues that can creep up that may prevent the record deletion from ocurring successfully.