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    jbpm 3.1 alpha 2 (SAR) - no I/O problem

    Jens Briesofsky Newbie

      I have encounterd a very strage problem which is a real showstopper for me right now (jbpm deployed and used as SAR):


       <state name="sendEmail">
       <transition name="emailSent" to="waitForConfirmation"></transition>
       <transition name="emailNotSent" to="checkReason"></transition>
       <timer duedate="20 seconds" repeat="2 minutes">
       <action class="de.bla.jbpm.mail.SendEmailAction">

      I execute an ActionHandler (executes fine). In that Handler I did some
      new InitialContext().lookup("something")
      which thew an exception (visible only in jbpm_timers table) which may or may not have a trivial reason. The annoying bit is that this escapes every attempt of debugging as I am for some reason are not able to create any debugging output from it, neither through the usual
      org.jboss.logging.Logger, nor thru System.out, System.err or even thru a File created for this purpose.
      When this execute method is invoked from elsewhere (outside the jbpm context, but inside the same jboss) output on all these methods works fine.
      At first I thought the wrong classfile got deployed or exceuted from the database so I created a deliberate NPE in the ActionHandler which promptly showed up in jbpm_timers, indicating that all the logging/file etc output got executed witch no exceptions or such but - no output.

      Either something very strage goes one here or I need some holidays (or both...)

      Any thoughts would be appreciated!