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    When will jbpm-bpel-1.0-alpha-4 release?

    Roy Forever Newbie

      Excuse me,

      Would anyone like to tell me the release day of jbpm-bpel-1.0-alpha-4 ?
      I have posted http://www.jboss.com/index.html?module=bb&op=viewtopic&t=74470 some questions and waiting the new release as the reply.
      Time is running, Please notify me if it is not going to release in few days.

      In the past 2 days, I have written some code to deploy BPEL process automatically.
      In my code, it is possible to generate almost all files which are required for the deployment.
      I would like to know, will jBPM include such funcation in the future?

      My code require user to input:
      - Log4j Configure File Path (log4j.properties)
      - Hibernate Configure File Path (hibernate.cfg.xml)
      - Hibernate Configure Property File Path (hibernate.properties)
      - WSCompiler Home Folder (C:/Sun/jwsdp-1.6/)
      - Definition Folder (The folder contains the definition files)
      - Build Folder (The folder to be contain all generated files)
      - A Set Definition Filename (*.bpel, *.wsdl ...)
      - Output Definition Par Filename (*.par)
      - Output WSCompile Configure Filename (wscompile-cfg.xml)
      - Output Java Type Mapping Filename (jaxrpc-mapping.xml)
      - Output Web War Filename (*.war)
      - Output Client Jar Filename (*-client.jar)
      - Output Application Ear Filename (*-application.ear)
      - Deploy Hostname (localhost)
      - Deploy Host Port (8080)

      And the user only provide the below files:
      - log4j.properties
      - hibernate.cfg.xml
      - hibernate.properties
      - *.bpel
      - *.wsdl
      - bpel-definition.xml

      Then my program will generate all other files
      and the final output is the *-application.ear which can be deploy directly

      The problem is I just write the code very quick,
      that not really parse the *.bpel, *.wsdl and bpel-definition.xml
      I make many assumption in my code.

      A BPEL and WSDL reader is required if the generation need to better.
      A similar reader is already existing exist in jBPM BPEL
      which used in deploy-definition and generate-service.

      What I am going to say is will jBPM BPEL generate the deployment files in future?
      It is only required to make some modify of exist reader to provide other output.
      And the feature will make jBPM BPEL more user-friendly.

      Is my thinking is correct?
      Is it not possible or not recommend to generate deployment files?
      Please correct me if anything is wrong.

      Thank you very much again ^^