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    TDD and 3.1-alpha2 Websale example

    darren hartford Expert

      Hey all,
      I'm trying to get a better understanding as to the best 'test' setup for jBPM. Looking at the WebsaleTest class, it looks straightforward other than it extends org.jbpm.db.AbstractDbTestCase.

      AbstractDbTestCase then also needs org.jbpm.AbstractJbpmTestCase. Within AbstractJbpmTestCase, need JbpmConfigurationTestHelper and JbpmContextTestHelper. I stopped there trying to track down dependencies ;-)

      Is there a better fashion for setting up tests? The 'simple case' requires quite a few files. I'm not sure if it may be easier to have a jbpm-junit type jar that has AbstractDbTestCase, AbstractJbpmTestCase, etc. or if these are simply ideal for jboss build system and there is something else a user should be using for TDD.

      Ideas please?