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    DelegationExceptions wrapping Delegationexceptions

    Rainer Alfoeldi Novice

      Hi everybody,

      just a question: from the way I read the code if an Exception occurs deep inside of an execution stack of

      ... node.execute() {
       ... token.signal(){
       ... node.execute() {
       ... token.signal(){ bang! throw new Execution() }...

      as wil happen when a lot of ActionNodes are hooked together, I will get a DelegationException wrapped in a DelegationException wrapped .... in a DelegationException that wraps my Exception.

      In order to find the rootcause I would have to unwrap all the DelegationExceptions until I get something that's not a DelegationException.

      Would it make sense to extend GraphElement.raiseException() to just pass on DelegationExceptions instead of creating and wrapping new ones?

      A similiar problem seems to exist with the IllegalStateException of Token.signal(). If I just look at the first ActionNode I could rely on this execution telling me about an unrecoverable problem (e.g. non existant transition) which is cool because I can rule out all other causes... unless it happens further down the execution stack. That would get wrapped in a DelegationException.

      This isn't a showstopper for me. Just want to know if this is by design (and I don't get it) or if I should post a change request.