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    Debugging jbpm plugin???

    Yair Cohen Newbie

      Is there a document that describes step by step how to compile and debug the jbpm eclipse plugin?

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          Koen Aers Master

          There is no such document until now. But it is not so difficult. Check out the following modules from cvs and import them as projects in your Eclipse environment :
          - jbpm.ide/org.jbpm.core
          - jbpm.ide/org.jbpm.db
          - jbpm.ide/org.jbpm.ui
          - jbpm.ide/org.jbpm.help
          If you run the build.xml file of the org.jbpm.core project this will checkout and install a jbpm installation in the plugin (check the properties in the build file for a particular jbpm release).
          Then you run an Eclipse workbench and you are started...

          Have fun and don't hesitate to give feedback and/or bugreports,