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    How to customize TaskInstance?

    Lisa Mark Newbie

      I want to customize TaskInstance by extending it. I read the doc and forum discussions about it: I had done like
      - create a subclass of TaskInstance (did)
      - update the property jbpm.task.instance.class to specify the name of custom class (did)

      - create a mapping file for the subclass, for mapping the extra properties you want to save

      I tried to extend TaskInstance in my custom subclass mapping file, but I'm getting exception "No discriminator found for [subclass]. Discriminator is needed when 'single-table-per-hiearchy' is used and a class has subclasses"

      Any help is greatly appreciated.
      (sample code, if possible)


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          Coby Young Newbie

          I struggled with this a while, and couldn't ever get my new mapping file to play nice with the existing (umodified) TaskInstance.hbm.xml mapping file.

          I'm not very familiar with hibernate, but the info at this http://ndpsoftware.com/HibernateMappingCheatSheet.html helped me figure out what needed to be done (see the Subclasses section).

          It seems that when you want to use a 'single-table-per-hierarchy' that you need to add a discrimintor to the superclass mapping file (as well as the subclass mapping file). So, I ended up creating a new hibernate mapping file (MyTaskInstance.hbm.xml) that looks something like this...

          <?xml version="1.0"?>
          <!DOCTYPE hibernate-mapping PUBLIC
           "-//Hibernate/Hibernate Mapping DTD 3.0//EN"
          <hibernate-mapping default-access="field">
           <!-- this class mapping is an exact copy of the stock
           TaskInstance.hbm.xml mapping, except a discrimintor
           column (and value) have been added to support
           a subclass that can share the same table -->
           <class name="org.jbpm.taskmgmt.exe.TaskInstance"
           <id name="id" column="ID_"><generator class="native" /></id>
           <discriminator column="subclass" type="character"/>
           <property name="name" column="NAME_" />
           <property name="description" column="DESCRIPTION_" length="4000"/>
           <property name="actorId" column="ACTORID_" index="IDX_TASK_ACTORID"/>
           <property name="create" column="CREATE_" />
           <property name="start" column="START_" />
           <property name="end" column="END_" />
           <property name="dueDate" column="DUEDATE_" />
           <property name="priority" column="PRIORITY_" />
           <property name="isCancelled" column="ISCANCELLED_" />
           <property name="isSignalling" column="ISSIGNALLING_" />
           <property name="isBlocking" column="ISBLOCKING_" />
           <many-to-one name="task"
           <many-to-one name="token"
           <many-to-one name="swimlaneInstance"
           <many-to-one name="taskMgmtInstance"
           <set name="pooledActors"
           <key column="TASKINSTANCE_" foreign-key="FK_TASKACTPL_TSKI"/>
           <many-to-many class="org.jbpm.taskmgmt.exe.PooledActor" column="POOLEDACTOR_" />
           <list name="comments" cascade="all" >
           <key column="TASKINSTANCE_" />
           <index column="TASKINSTANCEINDEX_" />
           <one-to-many class="org.jbpm.graph.exe.Comment" />
           <!-- This is the new subclass, it has one additional
           field (customKey) that needs to be persisted too -->
           <subclass name="myapp.MyTaskInstance"
           <property name="customKey" column="CUSTOMKEY_" />

          Then, I removed the entry in hibernate.cfg.xml that said...

          <mapping resource="org/jbpm/taskmgmt/exe/TaskInstance.hbm.xml"/>

          And replaced it with a line that says...

          <mapping resource="myapp/MyTaskInstance.hbm.xml"/>

          I would have prefered to find a way of accomplishing the same results without having to muck with the superclass mapping file, but this seemed to work out ok.

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            Ronald van Kuijk Master

            it's not sample 'code' you need, it's a config example. This is a hibernate config issue. search the hibernate forums for this, I think you'll find something.


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              Administrator Administrator Novice

              the mapping file of the task instance should be updated to this: (next 3.1 releases will include this update)

              <class name="org.jbpm.taskmgmt.exe.TaskInstance"
               <id name="id" column="ID_"><generator class="native" /></id>
               <discriminator type="char" column="CLASS_"/>

              now you just have to make sure that you include the discriminator-value attribute in your subclasses with a different value in then 'T'

              i think that should solve it.

              regards, tom.

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                Fyrose Gajula Newbie


                I also hope the same to change the discriminator-value attribute insteadof 'T' in the mapping file. This could be work then.


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                  Lisa Mark Newbie

                  Thanks for your replies.

                  [B]Happy to know that the next jBPM release comes with discriminator value.

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                    Lisa Mark Newbie

                    Thanks for your replies.

                    Happy to know that the next jBPM release comes with discriminator value.