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    Success stories with jBPM

    Samuel Vetsch Newbie


      Does anybody have some success stories on using jBPM on large projects ?

      What is the level of maturity of this tool ?

      Thanks in advance,

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          Bernd Ruecker Master

          Hi "svetsch",

          we have implemented a complete ERP System based on jbpm as process engine which controls our complete system based on business ervices (see our german press release for more details: http://www.camunda.com/pressemeldung.php?newsitem_id=800).

          Also I work in a project at a customer at the moment where jbpm is the central engine (the glue) in the architecture. This software is for a well known and big company.

          So, except for some typical troubles of new projects and some bugs, jbpm is a good, small and flexible BPM-Engine.

          The biggest disadvantage at the moment is the lack of a good modeling tool or simulation capabilities....

          But if you tell us more about your project I can say if it can be the right for you....



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            Konstantin Kolev Newbie

            Hi, Bernd!
            Your previous reply was very interesting to me.
            I work for a company which is using JBPM as business process management engine. We are developing ERP system at the moment and I am very interested in some more details about using jBPM in your ERP system. I am mainly in charge for modeling process in our ERP system that's why I would appreciate if there is English version of the site you mentioned in your previous reply. I would also appreciate any relevant information concerning your success story.

            Thanks in advance

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              Bernd Ruecker Master

              Hi Saviola!

              Sorry, but we have no english version of our press release. All we have is some basic profile of the success story in english, but I can not imagine, that is helpful for you (but you can e-mail me, if I should send it to you anyway).

              I have also written a article over jbpm in the german JavaSpektrum, wihich I translate at the moment. If you send me a Mail I put you on our newsletter then you get a Mail when it is finished (I will publish it on our homepage).

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                Vitaliy S Newbie


                "svetsch" wrote:
                Does anybody have some success stories on using jBPM on large projects ?

                RUNA WFE - open source workflow environment is based on jBPM.
                See http://wf.runa.ru for details.

                It is used in several middle size(from 500 to 1500 employees) companies.
                Online demo is available at http://wf.runa.ru/English/OnLineDemo/Online_demo.html